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Technical Definition of the Mercotac Advantage

Unlike brush slip rings, Mercotac connectors do not introduce electrical noise to the signal...
Actual Oscilloscope Test
The top line is the input signal as it comes from the power source. 
The middle line is the same signal after passing through a typical silver-graphite brush slip ring during rotation, showing substantial electrical noise being introduced by the slip ring
The bottom line is the same signal after passing through a Mercotac Model 430 connector during rotation, showing near zero electrical noise.
Advantage One:  
      Extremely low electrical noise
Advantage Four:  
      One connector for signal and power
Advantage Two:  
      Less than 1 milliohm of resistance
Advantage Five:  
      Much longer life
Advantage Three:  
      No wear, zero maintenance
Advantage Six:  
      Lower cost

More Technical Details

There are many ways you will profit by using Mercotac connectors:

  1. Slip rings introduce electrical noise into the signal being transmitted.
    Mercotac connectors transmit with nearly zero electrical noise, thus the same connector can be used for power and signal transmission.
  2. Typical resistance through a slip ring is 10 - 20 milliohms.
    The resistance through a Mercotac connector is less than one milliohm due to the unique liquid metal wetted contacts.
  3. Slip rings require maintenance and lose signal quality over time due to wear and debris.
    Mercotac connectors are maintenance free, do not degrade the signal over time and last much longer than slip rings.
  4. Slip rings typically last several million revolutions.
    Mercotac connectors typically last hundreds of millions of revolutions. Under test conditions with all specs. within published range, Mercotac connectors can last over a billion revolutions.
  5. Though superior in performance and durability, Mercotac connectors cost less than slip rings of comparable capacity.
    The above superior performance is possible because of the unique design feature of Mercotac connectors: the electrical conduction path is a liquid metal that is molecularly bonded to the contacts. This creates a connection that is constant and unchanged for the life of the connector.


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