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Purchasing a Mercotac® Rotating Electrical Connector
Mercotac's rotating electrical connectors are sold worldwide. Mercotac® sells direct in the U.S., and through authorized distributors outside of the USA.

Click here for Authorized International Distributors

Orders will be processed for immediate delivery for open account customers, or if payment is by COD or Credit Card. First time buyers seeking to establish an open account must provide credit information and allow one to two weeks to process your credit request. Orders may be placed over the phone at (760) 431-7723, or a P.O. may be faxed to (760) 431-0905, or you may email your order to

Please refer to the Distributors page for telephone, fax numbers and email addresses of the distributor in your country. Our distributors normally stock Mercotac products and can provide you with good service, technical assistance and warranty support.

If you are in a country having no distributor, you may purchase direct from Mercotac®. After contacting us to place your order, you will receive a complete Pro Forma Invoice with necessary information to make prepayment.  The shipping method will be Airfreight Prepaid. To prevent delays, we require payment by electronic transfer (wire). The bank numbers for the electronic transfer will be included with the Pro Forma Invoice. Delivery is normally one to two weeks.

Mercotac's rotary electrical connectors contain elemental mercury. When transported by air carrier, these products are categorized as Accessible Dangerous Goods, UN3506 "Mercury contained in manufactured articles", Class 8 Corrosive, Special Provision A191, under IATA regulations. Any time these products are shipped by air carrier, a trained Dangerous Goods shipper must prepare the shipment using the proper packaging, labels, and declaration paperwork. When transported by ground, or if installed with protection on equipment being shipped by air (per Special Provision A69(a)), there is no special handling or hazardous designation required.

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